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Geez, and I intend to call you an (expletive deleted),
but have I?


Your partisanship has made you blind to reality.

And you want to replace newspapers?
I think New Times does a better job.

and his next line was "and that's exactly what I'm going to do." I don't often agree with Greg, but it sounds like Terry stepped over the line.

"Give me a Break," give me a break. When you're the chief law enforcement officer, you conduct yourself in an ethical, legal and honorable manner at all times. Then again, I guess you have to understand the job in the first place.

"I intend" is plainly not the same thing as "I am" or "I will".

Hey, he can always argue he was just quoting himself from a speech he gave in 1989 and again in 1993.

CMR, it sounds like you agreed with Clinton when he said it depends on what the meaning of "is" is.

If Pederson were serious about running for Governor he would call on Terry to step down. Absent this, the Republican party needs to file a formal suit challenging him, even if they don't win they can chip away at him, people hate it when politicians skirt the law.

Of course, it sounds like the Republican party already has all its money tied up in attack ads against conservative Republicans...

You're starting to sound like the "gotcha" media there, Greg.

Does collecting signatures to get your name on the ballot, before January qualify as well? How does one file suit in these types of cases?

I am in no way, shape, or form a fan of Terry Goddard. However...

I have to disagree with Greg here. "Intend to run..." is indeed different from "I am running..." in that the first one points to a future action not yet realized, while the second one points to a current action actually underway.

And that difference is important. When my wife and I got married, we "intended" to have children - then found out we couldn't. Our intentions didn't make it a reality. Rememeber the lines about "the best laid plans of mice and men..." Goddard may intend to run - but still might back out.

Even with the next line Bill mentions, the difference remains. "Will" is the _future tense_ of "am" - so he is not yet a candidate, but plans to become one in the future.

(Sorry for all that... I guess four years of Greek and two years of Hebrew - with a strong emphasis on grammar - paid off after all!)

By all means, let's challenge Goddard's policies and actions - and there's a lot there to challenge. But this is not the issue to go to work on.

Couldn't his statement could also be read to mean he intends to run sometime in his life?

I intend to not vote for him.

Simon, that's crazy talk. Meaning of course that it's reasonable. I intend to retire. I suppose that means I just gave notice?

That's awesome Greg. Now anyone he prosecutes can simply get their conviction overturned because Terry Goddard had no authority to prosecute! Time to go to Arizona and commit some crimes! weeeehaw!

So...where does Greg stand on the half-dozen or so Republican state lawmakers over the years that have made similar or worse statements? I'm thinking of Tim Bee, John Greene, Ken Bennett, Randy Graf, Mark Anderson, John Kaites, etc. Arizona DOES NOT have a strong resign to run law. The way courts have interpreted you can say everything up to "I am running" and be fine.

I'm unclear how this all compares to the fact that Tom Horne is receiving endorsements for his unannounced run for AG. Can you be endorsed for a race you haven't made? I think Tom Horne is closer to the fine line than Terry Goddard is.

"...and that's exactly what I'm going to do."

That part of the quote is the problem: "...I'm going to (run for Governor)."

It's kind of a goofy law though. It encourages people to skirt it, but, as Terry has said to my face, "the law is the law."

So if he doesn't resign now I guess we can file a complaint with the Attorn....wwwwait a minute...he's not going to prosecute himself!

Tom Horne resign?! To quote Cartman from South Park, "Schweeeeeeeeet!"

I don't care whether Terry runs or not; I do want to know where's that snarky little Emily DeRose calling for Terry to step down as AG?

And also Tedski--where's Tedski of R-cubed fame screaming for TG to step down as AG?

Greg, didn't all that book-learnin' in law school teach you the difference between intent and action? If a guy tells his buddy he intends to rob a bank but then he never does rob the bank, would you still arrest and convict him? Yeesh.


You would for conspiracy.

Maybe that's how to get Goddard out of office. Say he "conspired" to run for Guv...

That's like saying I didn't "intend" to get pregnant.

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