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Could you make it yellow?

A professional version, eh? Does that mean glossy shots of Nappy versus the plain-jane photos we now see on your blog?

As a political junkie (and occasional campaign worker) who REALLY enjoys reading Espresso Pundit, I'd definitely be interested.

However, I'm not a lobbyist or public affairs person, so whether I would subscribe or not would come down to how much a subscription cost. At about $100 a year or so I'd sign-up immediately. At rates much higher than that, I'd really have to think about it. If I were a lobbyist or public affairs person though, I'd be willing to pay much more than that for a subscription -- the insight and analysis is that good.

Just a thought -- if you're looking to monetize EP, why not get the GOP to fund it and become the first locally-produced blog to be funded by a political party? Newspapers used to be funded by the parties and were a lot spicier back then.

I agree on being interested, depending on the price, but PDF newsletters are horrendous. That's almost as big a concern as the price. A restricted-access website is MUCH more useful, both because it's enormously easier to read and because it's insanely easier to search for past news.

I would buy it.

Could you also focus on legal/judicial topics. For example, Elena Kagan, the anti-military former dean at Harvard, may be up for the U.S. Supreme Court.

She recently took a case to the Supreme Court that attacked the Solomon Amendment. It requires colleges to either refuse federal funds or allow military recruiters the same access to students as any other employer. The Supreme Court voted unanimously against her views. NBC will likely love her. The name of the case is Rumsfeld v. FAIR, 126 S.Ct. 1297 (2006).

I'd be interested in subscribing

Sales pitch would be stronger with correct use of affect/effect -- to be affected, not "effected" -- and plural possessive -- Republicans' backs, not Republican's backs.

Careful, Steve....he'll delete your comment if he doesn't like it.

Do you get a toy prize after you send in 100 box tops.... Go for it ....Capitalism is still in effect so you might as well take advantage of it.

Price is important for me too. I agree that 100.00 or so a year is my ceiling unless I lobby etc.

We would rather that you continue to do God's work, rather than serving money.

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