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Good post.

'Seattle Post-Intelligencer' newspaper goes Web-only
Mar. 16, 2009 11:59 AM
Associated Press
SEATTLE - The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, which has chronicled the news of the city since logs slid down its steep streets to the harbor and miners caroused in its bars before heading north to Alaska's gold fields, will print its final edition Tuesday.

Hearst Corp., which owns the 146-year-old P-I, said Monday that it failed to find a buyer for the newspaper, which it put up for a 60-day sale in January after years of losing money. Now the P-I will shift entirely to the Web.

Try a few click thru ads... banner sales, etc...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand an almost coherent, cogent and relevant post gets ruined at the end by yet another mean-spirited, unnecessary dig at talented and underpaid people. By all means, continue to kick journalists while they're down and paint them with broad strokes - it does so much to enhance your own credibility as a right-wing mouthpiece. (Look how well it worked for McCain!)

Almost as bad as what the papers do when someone dies. Talk about kicking someone.


Journalists have had the opportunity to make a lot more money doing other kinds of writing since before you were in short pants, sir. I think somebody will start paying more for news when it gets harder to come by, which will be any day now, apparently.

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