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I hope these employees find gainful employment right away. But any time the Republic sheds employees, it is a sign that it is weakening. And even though this is tough for the individuals who were sacked, overall it is great news. Think about all of the people that would be out of work or out of their homes if the big government ideology the Republic espouses was actually implemented.

Sorry to be so cold, but the risk to Arizona from a strong Republic is far greater than 37 jobs. Many more people than that would now have a one way ticket to the unemployment line if the Republic still had influence.

Zidich wrote: "...together we will get through the tough times." Those words suggest a promise of some kind. A dubious promise, since some the people he e-mailed will likely be laid off in the future -- before the 'tough times' have been gotten through.

I fully expected a commitment to re-hire based on future need after the "together" line. Instead, what I read really means "we will all get through this together as the fat cats keep their jobs and we shed the lower level weight and re-hire when needed with less qualified and lower paid employees. Thank you for leaving and freeing up revenue toward this goal."

I feel very badly for those who, this morning are waking up to the reality that they have no reality…all is uncertain.

When did it get so bad for “the paper”? Or should I ask, when did "the paper" get so bad? Being a native, that is what we called it...after the Gazette went away. “The paper”, there was no other. I understand the internet and cable news impact; but the feel of newsprint and sitting at the table with a cup of coffee, going page by page. I miss it! But, I will not buy THAT paper. Even my less than tech-savy hubbie has gone to reading the news via a laptop. He would rather have “a” paper, but he too is sworn off “the paper”.

Mister Zidich,

Produce a paper without propaganda and
you have a new customer!

am speaking here for the pressroom! They used to have two pressrooms deer valley and mesa and still to this day after cutting the common workers qwho some of them have 35 to 40 years have not cut management! They have a boss that was supposed to cover both pressrooms but there is only one and there is like three levels of management in the phoenis pressroom! Would somebody PLEASE explain while my stock drops why there is such overpaid incompetence in the Pressroom of the the "Arizona Republic"? how many six hour bosses does it take to run a few presses? And how many I am counting at least three to four upper bosses that run the one pressroom!! Hello axeman time to cut the fat you already laid off people with families!

9/17/2008 5:30 AM

Anonymous said...
That last comment was a shout out for all the management ball breakers and yes men of the "arizona Republic"

9/17/2008 5:38 AM

Anonymous said...
I am sad but it is true that you won't see many people write in this blog becuase they are cowards

Here is the bottom line at the AZ Republic. 1) The place is bleeding money like crazy. 2) 37 people were let go yesterday; 27 from advertising, 10 from "other areas" as for advertising classified was hit hardest (no surprise there) along with some retail jobs. 3) 4 of the 27 in advertising were managers. 4) The ironic thing is that upper management still does not have a true grasp of what is going on at the lower levels, they let some people go but a bunch are still left that pretty much hang out all day basically doing very little work or stuck in processes that are insanely inefficient (this includes managers) 5) John Zidich speaks of restructuring in various departments - the bottom line on that is that there has been zero restructure unless you call giving people different job titles and they still go on with their same jobs a restructure. 6) The AZ Republic has a magazine division (which includes the marketing dept "another joke") that is the joke of the Phoenix Metro area which is still chugging along burning through cash like a gambling addict at a slot machine. 7) I could go on and on but the bottom line is that as bad as things are at the AZ Republic upper mgmt still thinks "good times" will come back eventually; quiet honestly Gannett is closer to a Lehman Bros. scenario than ever going back to their glory days. The AZ Republic should have laid off 500 people yesterday to save themselves, not 37 people and among those 500 should have been all of upper mgmt who still think it is 1968 not 2008.

I will miss sports, the comics and the coupons if the Republic goes under. Today's WSJ (B-17) reports the Newark (NJ) Star-Ledger may close in January due to union contract issues and declining circulation.
One wonders when the message about the MSM's message will get through.

The irony is the Republic is still probably churning out 15 to 20 percent profits. The problem is Gannett had it slated for 25 to 35 percent profits. So they're not really losing money, they're just not making investors happy.

Pulliam was happy with 12 to 15. They didn't have Wall Street to answer to. Gannett is quite a bit different. If you see a lack of balance in your paper, it's because experience and institutional knowledge has been bleeding from the newsroom for 10 years now. Pulliam valued it. Gannett is happy with three kids rather than one veteran.

Found this very interesting info on a site called "Gannettblog" Can you say overpaid!

Years @ Gannett: 7
Large circ newspaper (not USA Today)

Pulliam 6 years
Gannett 8 years


I'm pretty impressed that The Republic actually wrote a story about the layoffs. Not with the paper, but with the fact that Greg's blog has forced change in their coverage of themselves.


Oh puhleez, "Greg's blog" did not force change in "their coverage of themselves" (which, by the way, is not their job). Don't feed his ego. This type of story is fairly common in the industry, for those who pay attention. Buried, yes, but it's there.

Smell of death, those figures are not out of line at all, for talented work. It's not flipping burgers.

Talented work? Are we still talking about the Republic. The photography is amateurish at best. Just take a look at today’s ranching photos.

A little slow on your last two Republic items. Did your source move on to provide a window into inner workings elsewhere?

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