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Well done. Very well done.

Greg, you wrote, "Everyone buys food, but the poor spend their incremental money on things that are taxable."

Interesting analysis. This isn't the line that the Goldwater Institute and other conservative think tanks would tell us.

I would take issue with the idea that a certain class benefits from environmental concerns. I also think the university building and transportation plans are large work programs - i don't think they are actually helping raise salaries of academics and I doubt wealthy people are going to stop driving their SUVs to take light rail.

However, I very much agree that paying for these through sales taxes and expanded lottery is horrible. Could they have been paid for through raising income taxes or business taxes (the latter coming from a group which would also benefits from many of these things as well)? Then again, I don't think you would agree with these as the argument would then be that these taxes are just passed on to ordinary consumers.

"The poor already have access to all day kindergarten and health care....."


When was the last time you were in a South Phoenix classroom? And if you mean the poor have access to health care because of AHCCCS - or because they can visit an E.R. when they're sicker than a dog - you have a different definition of "access" than I do.

About that access to healthcare - that works if you don't make enough to go over the AHCCS limit such as working at Walmart. Of course, if you don't have healthcare at work and have any pre-existing conditions and you make too much for AHCCS, pray real hard you or your family don't get sick.

Greg, you wrote, "So now I understand. Obama wins. Napolitano wins. The professors, doctors, lawyers, hip urban professionals and media elite win and the poor pay the price...the new politics of redistribution."

I thought that was called 'trickle down'. :)

"Everyone buys food, but the poor spend their incremental money on things that are taxable."

Because the second anyone talks about increasing/creating luxury/sin taxes, the right-wing starts screaming about "class warfare" (nevermind the fact, the ACTUAL class warfare, as you've noted, is against the poor, and always has been).

"On the Obama side, we have the hip, young, savvy metrosexuals..."

Yeah, Iowa and Montana are known for being the new Seattle. In fact, John Deere just put out a new line of hair gel last week.

"...setting aside state trust land for example, have benefits that accrue almost exclusively to the rich."

How, exactly?

"The poor already have access to all day kindergarten and health care."

Man, the poor get all the breaks! When does the rich man finally get a break? When?

It's an interesting perspective, but to be fair, she has a legislature more concerned with social wedge issues than the plight of poor people. Consequently, she has to work around them to effect any changes at all. I do agree that any and all of us can be somewhat elitist and forget what it's like to be poor.

Politics is the art of possible. When she first came into office, Napolitano had a committee study how to revamp the entire tax system to bring it in line with the modern economy. That would mean raising some taxes and lowering others.

But because Greg's team refuses to consider any tax increase--no matter what--Arizona is stuck with the current tax system, so the only place to go is with the lottery, speeding tickets and sin taxes. Personally, I think it sucks, but you can't blame Janet for working within the system she's got.


It took me a minute to stop laughing over your contention that Janet found it so hard to raise our taxes. Both the governor and the legislature (with a few exceptions) have found great ease in the ballooning of our taxes. Have we had to pay them all yet? No, but just wait...

When the governor spends our surplus, increases the size of government and pays no attention to the decline in revenue, then our taxes just went up. Janet simply found ways to make it so the bill doesn't come due until she's outta here.

Funny to see a Republican complain about spending and deficits. The last three Repbulican adminstrations, Reagan Bush and Bush, created larger deficits than ever seen in this country before. They cut taxes to the rich, and fed off the poor.

Now we have the kettle calling the pot black.

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