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Why not Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm? If we're going to view things from a gender-specific perspective, why not choose a governor from a state that has not had every vote counted or every voice heard? That would be more shrewd than picking Napolitano who would be better in the role as an Attorney General. Moreover, the superdelegates are getting ready to serve a big piece of multiculturalism pie topped off with romanticism, populism, and ideology. A Granholm fix would satisfy their palate more.

Probably not Governor Jennifer Mulhern Granholm.

She was born February 5, 1959 in Vancouver, British Columbia - 40 miles west of my hometown.. She became a US citizen in 1980, I became a US citizen in 2000.

If she is eligible to be President, so am I.

Good point. I was looking at how outdated Article 2, Section 1 of the Constitution was and thinking along the lines that it should be changed to allow new US citizens to run for the highest office in the land. Of course, I had Governor Schwarzenegger in mind more than Governor Granholm but I think this should be an equal opportunity measure regardless of party.

I see that Ed Tubbs who suggests Janet Napolitano for VP for Obama, suggests Alaska governor Sarah Palin for McCain's running mate:

"The GOP ticket that’s announced in the Minneapolis convention the first week of September will be McCain/Palin. Sarah Palin is Alaska’s distaff governor; youthful, attractive, bright, smart and highly polished as a public speaker. McCain’s got to choose her, or risk the old and very tired GOB (Good-ol’-Boy) image of rich white country-clubbing men being super-glued to the GOP, a party that’s pretty much in disarray when the country is demanding change, even if the change it says it’s demanding is superficial."

I checked out Sarah Palin's website for her run for governor last fall. There is an ad posted with Senator "There was never any pork I didn't like" Stevens endorsing her. Given McCain's distain for pork, I don't think he would choose a candidate with those kind of coat tails.

I would be VERY surprised if Governor Napolitano were to be chosen for VP by Obama. What do you think are the advantages [and disadvantages] of such a choice?

I also (for what little it's worth) would be surprised if Governor Napolitano was the VP nominee. Everything I had heard was AG, with a possible prep for the Supreme Court (although, I am not sure that she is interested in that position).

How about Bill Richardson as Secretary of Energy? Oh...wait...he already had that job.

Not gonna happen. America is barely ready to elect an African-American. The Democrats would not put an African-American and a woman on the ticket at the same time this year. It would be political suicide and doom the country to four more years.

A McCain / Palin ticket makes a lot more sense.


This Ed Tubbs has a great analysis for anyone looking at the race through rose-colored multicultural-praise-my-affected-diversity glasses. It's a point of view that even the leftists have reached fairly late in life (re their 2004 ticket). My guess is that most of America is much less invested in it than the likes of Ed Tubbs, and that clear-headed people are looking for leaders who share their political views, regardless of their color or gender. The Tubbses of the world seem to me to be very much behind the curve.

However, my fervent hope is that he's correct for the Democratic side, and that the Dems do emerge from Denver with a ticket of Obama-Napolitano. Oh please, please, please let them do it.

Napolitano for Veep?

Of the country?

Assuming for a moment that Obama does become the Demoratic nominee aside from regional balance (and to a far lesser extent gender balance), he needs to pick a veep who brings something to the table that he sorely lacks - executive and foreign policy experience.

You don't get that with Napolitano - not to mention Johnny-come-lately endorsement didn't win the AZ primary for Obama.

If anyone comes out of the western states as the Democratic VP nominee it will be Richardson - 1) regional balance, 2) ethnic diversity, 3) executive experience, 4) foreign policy experience.

Although, it would be fair to say that Richardson is better qualified for President than Obama - but it wouldn't be the first time that happened.

Whoever the D vp nominee will be, I would guess that the person will not be:

single or
in charge of a $3 billion deficit

Qualifications aside, the veep nominee of either party will not be a single man or woman; and an "ex" through divorce will not be a substitute for a current spouse.

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