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Greg, interesting food for thought. Please correct the sixth paragraph re: AZ annual revenue increase. is it $700 or $700,000 or $700 million?

Also, I was excited to see ATRA's recommendations until I read them. The only place the state is overspending is on education funding? I'd also like to see $ savings associated with each of their recommendations -- most of which sound fine to me btw.

Well, the mayor of Phoenix and city council are using their heads and bringing down the ax on their budgets. Some of them will be available to run for Gov and other offices by 2010 - may be we can elect them to run the bankrupt state - since they will have had good practice in cutting staffs, budgets and dealing with an unhappy constituency.

In the not-to-distant

Should read:
In the not-too-distant

Much easier for Phoenix to cut. They pay their employees 20 to 40 percent more than the typical state employee and also pay in the top ten percent of all cities.

The state pays in the bottom ten percent of comparable and has fewer employees per capita.

Worse comes to worse, I think they are hoping the Federal Government would bail them out. Possibly they think the Mexican Government will help them out.

This is one of the downsides of depending on a low-wage, low-tax growth economy. When the growth stops, so does the economy.


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