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The Wall Street Journal does that too.
Continues to send isssues when you stop your subscription.

i live in cave creek and received the same letter on friday

Hey, buddy. Fix the word "continued" before too many people see it.

Sounds like the Republic is going that way also. I bought a three-month subscription that expired in early July and they continued to deliver despite my admonitions to the contrary. Then, I found out they had a two-month grace period trying to win you back. I basically had to threaten them to cut off the delivery.

Warning: Never give the AZ Republic your credit card number. I once paid a quarterly bill with my credit card (usually paid by check). For the next year, they continued to charge my credit card each quarter even though I repeatedly told them not to. The only way I could stop them was by canceling the card. Then I received calls for six months asking me to update my credit card info. because “the charges weren’t going through for some reason.” It was like dealing with a crack addict.

Sounds like the Seinfeld episode with Wilford Brimley convincing Kramer that he really does indeed want his mail.

Not sure who's wearing the bucket, however.

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