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No doubt Mitchell went from the floor to the woodshed for ever voting AYE in the first place.

Heyworth had years of disservice, and yes, he is a bully and a pig-headed ideologist who was never willing to compromise. But you could always count on him to vote with the Republican leadership, cause that's what they told him to do. Is that really what you want? I hope not, of your blog will soon become crap. You sound like Bill O'Reilly. One of him is more than enough.

I don't understand what the controversy is over this? Isn't this just typical last minute strong arm voting, of the sort that Tom DeLay engaged in when he was reprimanded by the House Ethics Committee for essentially bribing lawmakers to switch votes at the last minute to support that horrible Medicare bill?

I have to say this hyperventilating over this vote change is really quite amusing. I mean, it's almost as if a Democrat voted the Democratic party line. Shockah!

Elections have consequences, Greg. Get over it.

Oh, and get used to it.

Muckraker, Joe, Klute:

The issue as I see it is that Harry campaigned 1)against benefits for illegal aliens and 2) as a principled, nonpartisan, independent thinker who was going to "change" Washington.

Your arguments are that: Hayworth and Bill O'Reilly are bad and Greg is on the verge of being bad; This is politics and this is the way it is done, and has always been done (so much for change); and he's a Democrat and votes with Democrats (so much for nonpartisan, blah, blah, blah).

I think Greg's point is Mitchell lied (on 2 counts in this case), and the Republic won't cover it, because in their heavy-handed endorsement they over-embellished what Harry could deliver.

Today's Republic featurette on Mitchell and a Republic reporter's blog advertising his upcoming fundraiser should dispel any ideas of objectivity coming out of the "news" department at the Republic.

Presumably, although maybe not, those Republicans who voted for the $500 billion medicare bill had told their constituencies when they were elected that they were for fiscal responsibility etc. and were following that pledge, up until the point that Tom DeLay started arm twisting.

This is party politics, and I really don't see anything that shameful about what Mitchell did. But I guess I'm in the minority here.

Also, is this an example of Mitchell bullying anyone? I just don't see that. He's switching his vote, but where's the "bullying". I don't know Hayworth at all, but he comes off on TV as a buffoon and a blowhard, which I guess is why he was picked up by KFYI.

Pointing out obvious hypocrisy of Harry Mitchell and substantiating the fact that he has no spine and is not interested in representing his constituents is not interesting to liberal Democrats. And the sky is blue.


The big problem with the argument of him campaigning as non-partisan is a pipe dream (dare I say born out of the "Fantasyland" that Randy Pullen thinks we all live in now that Mitchell beat Hayworth).

Mitchell campaigned with a big ol' "D" after his name. Not an "I". Just so everyone understands again, he's a Democrat. He might vote the Democratic line on occasion.

And he's bucked the party line on several issues important to Democrats (for example, he's being called a coward right now on Daily Kos for voting for the expansion of FISA - a vote I'm not particularly thrilled he cast either).

I'm sure Greg, Travis, and the rest really want a Joe Lieberman-type Democrat who bends over backwards to accomdate the GOP, but that's not what they have.

Buck up, little campers. Just turn on KFYI, close your eyes, and let the dulcet tone of JD Hayworth's voice carry you off to Randy Pullen's "Fantasyland" where JD Hayworth is still their Congressman.

Oh, and Travis, as a Liberal Democrat in CD 5 (and thus part of his constituency) he's represented me find on this vote as finally cast.

Greg, Walter, et al. ~ The Mitchell Camp says that the Republican motion was unnecessary because it was already covered, that it is already illegal for illegals to get benefits, and I haven't seen anyone dispute that yet. Can you? Not sure how he "lied" as you claim, either.

Where is the questioning of his first vote? Why the need to change at all? Is he not competent to vote accordingly the first time out or does he really own his vote? Where was the majority whip on this one?

Harry got caught voting the way he knew he should based on what he said during the campaign but lost sight of his new boss, the party leadership. When the vote came out as it did, it was pretty clear who let the party down, so Harry had to flip.

Klute, I know, and knew during the campaign that Harry was and would be partisan. It is not a surprise to me. Hopefully it is surprising to many of the independents and Republicans who voted for him -- who actually believed the schlock he was putting out there (Ted, if it's not a lie, then I guess we'll call it a broken promise) and the Republic conveniently reinforced in its coverage of the race culminating in their formal endorsement a week prior to the election.

I guess we'll just have to wait to see in '08 if the constituency likes what Mitchell's doing. Harry's got votes on both sides of the aisle, right now, he could credibly claim to have bucked the Democratic party on some occasions (to placate conservative-leaning Indies and left-leaning Republicans) and still appeal to his Democratic base.

Other than his FISA vote, I'm more or less happy at the moment, but I haven't looked at his entire voting record - just the ones making the news.

Mitchell's FISA vote is about the only good thing he's done. At least he choose to protect his country even if it infuriates the blame-America first netroot types that are the base of the Democrat party.

Other than that shining moment, he's a hard-core leftie, way out step with Scottsdale.

Sorry, Randi. I live and work in Scottsdale. They just let anyone in these days... So I guess you'll have to move ever northward to escape us blame-America first netroot types. Maybe Black Canyon City?

And I thought it was "nutroots"? Tsk, tsk... Such an easy mistake.

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