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As someone who interned for Shadegg back in the 90s I can't say I am surprised, I was always struck by his cage intellegence and good understanding of rules.

I like and respect Shaddeg but it's sad that a fellow Arizonan killed an almost uniquely Arizona bill.

The bill was originally written by one of our most prominent ASU political science professors, a conservative Republican who is an expert on Mexico. That bill was introduced by Rep. Flake (Republican) and quickly earned the support of the President (Republican). Senators McCain and Kyl (Republicans) also got on board. (If I remember correctly so did Shaddeg).

And now an Arizonan killed the bill and many Arizonans cheer. For what? For the status quo? The new counterfeit proof ID card for migrants - gone. The new employer database verification system - gone. The new border enforcement laws and funding - gone. Bringing illegals out of the shadows - gone. Changing our immigration system from a family-based to a merit-based system - gone. The fine against those that violated our immigration laws - gone. All gone because of the amnesty lie.

I think the saddest part of this for me is that my party - the right - true conservatives - behaved like lying sophistic liberals on this issue. And regardless of all your denials, you know who you are, I honestly believe your opposition is motivated by nativism and a dislike of Mexicans. But who cares what I believe, right? But I am not the only one. Mexican-Americans - the largest growing minority in the nation - now overwhelmingly believe it and they will punish Republicans with their vote.


Mark your comments are right on! Using hate & racism to gain politically? You are correct. The illegals will continue to flow across the Southern border.

Today is a sad day. I thought that the Republican Party was supposed to stand up for businesses like mine, but today they sold me up the river. Not only will I not be able to find workers to work in the future, but, because of the state legislature, I will be forced to verify every hire with a database that all the experts say is ridiculously flawed. And if the database makes a mistake, I lose my business license. I'm not sure which party represents business in this country anymore. I know on this issue, it was the Democrats.


No sympathy for insurgent sympathizers like Mark and TonyGoPrano. No sypmpathy for "businesses" who have to hire illegals to "compete". Get competive with legal workers or get out of America!

John Shadegg is as decent a guy as Jon Kyl. My and I wife worked with him when he was in the AZ AG office then ran for congress, I was an elected party officer in Phoenix and she worked for a major non-profit watch dog corp. Come on John run for Senate!

But Shadegg GETS IT! No citizenship, no freebees, no papers, no work and no more baby dropping to bring the entire family here.

My own grandkids are of hispanic blood, legal hispanic blood, from Spain the mother country. But we cannot stand as a nation with the culture that made us great if we open the borders to a flood of people, who reject assimilation into the society and clulture. This is not about racism, it is about security of your kids and mine.

Stop being so narrow and selfish about your "business" and think long term effects on our social service costs, the culture and the very real possibility of millions of Muslims coming in. It is bad enought they are coming in legally as "students" what joke, but that we do not even know how many are posing as hispanic to come in and set up their sleeper cells. Thank God that our Mexican friends are Christians! At least they do not want to kill us they want to work for us!

Personally, I can tolerate 3-6 more years of broken borders, incompetent White House Administrations (GW is a buffon of an administrator) and broken promises, if it ultimately means that real Patriots will come forward and secure us.

Mark and TonyGOPrano need to chill. Please guys, remember that once we are able to shut down the borders and lock down America, we can then open it back up incrementally flow the trade with the world and give you the workers you need as you need them. Supply and demand actually works. Oversupply does not. Place an order with the Feds for a worker, be specific and they will send you one.

Did you know that if you want a Candiam worker, that is how it is done. I wanted a specilized Candian worker to come here, filled out beau coup paper work and got turned down, the Canadians refused to let this person leave, they need those skills in their country. Fact Man! Fact! Get Real Stop whining about cheap labor!

More important we will have to drastically cut the in-migration of Islamics who only want to kill us, yes they want to kill Mexican and Hispanic Christians in the same massive numbers that they want to kill anglos like me whose great grand parents immigrated right after the Civil War!!! Sober up! Read the Koran, read their webpages and look at the UK and France who laid out the welcome mat for Islam! They are now paying the price.

My wife and I sponsored Viet Namese Refugees after "my war". The program required SPONSORS for the political refugees of that war. So why is it not now appropriate to require that Mark and TonyGOPRano sponsor their workers, by registering them, arranging to get them English lessons, to get them a job and to secure affordable housing for them? Where is the pain and suffering in that? It worked in 1978-1985 for the Viet Namese. We got the little guy a job, found an English as a second language teacher, gave them an apartment that we owned, for free and fed them.

I assume these two respondents are younger Americans who do not remember the Viet Nam War and the millions of political refugees that Americans took into their hearts and homes.

We as a nation can bring in every worker that is needed, legally, by invitation. It is those massive numbers of party crashers that are not wanted. I love the hispanic culture or I would not be living in Tucson, By God, Arizona. After all it is not exactly the Conservative stronghold of the West and wages are grossly supressed due to the illegal flood!

Peace and love to all. But it is time to do what Congressman Shadegg did and launch a few grenades (figuratively speaking) into our broken system.

Run John Run!

No matter what the GOP may now consider a "victory", with this defeat of the immigration bill, the party just jumped off the cliff (and the shark) toward future irrelevance.

Enjoy it now because in ten years, the results of this will be permanent minority status for the party. And the irony is when we get Mrs. Clinton sworn in with a D congress in 2009, the bill that gets passed will be much better from my point of view (indeed, I was against this bill because it made the hurdles to gain citizenship far too draconian). Why will we get a better bill, you ask? Sixty D senators, that's why.

It's a great time to be a progressive, patriotic American! I do, however, VERY VERY VERY much support Mr. Pearce's employer sanctions. Y'all wanna REALLY do something about this issue, that's it on a silver platter. Madame Governor, sign that bill!

Mark accuses those of us that opposed the bill of acting like a bunch of liberals and then pulls out the oldest play in the liberal playbook by calling us racists.

Too rich!


You are stunning in your naivete, but if you want to believe that standing up for the majority of Americans who don't want amnesty will put the GOP into the minority, go for it.

It's a great example of what I like so much about lefties who buy into Kos, Moveon, and you boy Howie Dean. You are so blindly liberal even within your own party that you are basically irrelevant. How much did you give to Ned Lamont? Keep fighting the good fight comrade.

FYI, I'm a different Mark than one who believes opposing blanket amnesty makes conservatives liberals.

The bill was killed because it was a piece of sh*t. Enforcement should not be tied to what amounted to blanket amnesty even for terrorists. People who actually read the bill were appalled and rightly so. I would say some people need a sense of humor so I tell a joke to lighten things up.
Jose and Carlos are panhandling at the freeway off ramp.

Jose drives a Mercedes, lives in a mortgage free house and has a lot of money to spend.

Carlos only brings in 2 to 3 dollars a day.

Carlos asks Jose how he can bring home a suitcase full of $10 bills every day.

Jose says, "Look at your sign." It reads: "I have no work, a wife & 6 kids to support."

Carlos looks at Jose's sign.

It reads: "I only need another $10 to move back to Mexico."

You are acting like liberals now with your inflamed and deceitful propaganda. Just go reread it: insurgent sympathizers, blanket amnesty...

This bill fined illegals for their illegal entry. A fine is a punishment. The fine covers that crime. Thus, in no way, shape or form could this bill EVER be called amnesty. Amnesty is what netroot and his fellow dems wanted. Read what that liberal said - he opposed the bill because the Republicans were too draconian on the illegals. He is speaking of the punishment. Yet you listen to all the so-called conservatives who have embraced liberal sophistry and they would have you believe that this bill pardoned the 12 million plus with no legal recrimination whatsoever.

You all had to lie to build your opposition. What other Party operates that way? Moreover, why lie? Why not just come out and admit that you do not want any more Latinos in this country? Why not admit that you would rather beat your chest and scream bloody murder at Mexicans than secure our border against islamofascist suicide bombers?

The nativists in MY Party will destroy it. They behave like the Left - they rationalize like Sophists - they propagandize with lies and half-truths. You have Republican Nick saying that the borders are now more secure because this bill failed when Nick knows that in truth he just got the status quo- a status quo that produced 12 million illegal aliens, I remind you. You have Republican DK arguing that government needs to control supply and demand through centralized management. DK try reading some Adam Smith. And you call yourselves Republicans?

What a joke! And the funniest party is they will actually tell you with a straight face that they are Reagan Republicans. Reagan - the Republican Conservative President who supported amnesty - the real amnesty. Oh how do you live with such a contradiction?

Hey, this national immigration debate is taking up all the news, but what's the deal with this local story of Hispanic News calling for a boycott of Food City and Bashas' grocery stores (both stores are owned by Eddie Basha)?


Do you think it could be related to the story about Bashas' and Food City selling out of date baby formula?

That's weird because Eddie just won an honorary degree from the U of A for childhood nutrition...


I think that you are giving John Shadegg far too much credit here.

After all these years, John Shadegg's political influence in DC remains unerwhelming and I predict it will stay that way. Other than signing someone elses meaningless minority resolution and sneaking into a photo-op after the Senate bill was killed, he has been absent from the immigration debate. Leadership is needed in our state on this issue. Shadegg follows.

I have read and heard all of the political jibberish about the Immigration reform Bill and Pork(ammendments)We ALREADY have LAWS on the books that deal with EMPLOYERS hiring ILLIGALS, and putting up a BORDER FENCE, along with all of the other laws that have to do with immigration period!. This is totally a POLITICALLY driven issue, that MR. Kennedy would love to have passed so he could receive those much needed votes come election time. Everyone SHOULD remember Mr. Kennedy's past and take what ever he proposes with a VERY large grain of salt. Set forth the laws and ENFORCE them to FINE HEAVELY employer's that hire ILLEGALL'S, and make no concessions on health care , Food stamps and all of the other non- deserved tax free subsidies they receive.......WAKE UP WASHINGTON....WE will remember come ELECTION time

Congressman Shadegg and everyone who joined his effort,

You are our heroes. You have stood strong and defended the Borders of America. We, the people, will be forever grateful.

After listening to the endless, senseless debates by the senate about the Illegal Alien Immigration Bill the American people have been shown the true colors of those who wish to rule the country. It was a rude awakening to the convoluted workings of our law making system.

While hearing the never ending speeches about how America needs to rescue and support all elements of another country, we had to ask, "Who is concerned about the health and wellbeing of our own citizens?"

While our boys are being asked to give their lives in defense of our borders, how could our so-called leadership be willing to leave our borders unprotected and wide open?"

The majority of Americans send you heartfelt gratitude for taking a strong stand on behalf of our country.

God Bless You!!


Mister Netroots

Latest ABC poll!

Hillie has 52% unfavorable rating!

Please follow up on the Basha story. For years now the Basha chain has gotten away with serving up trashy produce, disgusting meat and filthy stores in predominantly Hispanic areas. These people do not complain to authorities because they are here illegally. This is just another small part of the illegal immigration story.

For those of you who have a difficult time understanding the word ILLEGAL, let me give you a simple example. I can go to my local bank and make a "legal" withdrawal or I can go to the same bank and make an "ILL$EGAL" withdrawal. Is there a difference??? You bet your bottom dollar there is or should I said "bottom peso". Illegal means just that!!! The act committed violated the law.
The bill that died in the Senate deserved to die because it "punished" ILLEGALS with a slap on the hand fine, as if they would ever pay it. It also gave these ILLEGALS many benefits such as social security, which they don't deserve. Sure it had some enforcement provisions, but if our government refuses to enforce current laws what makes us believe the Bush administration will enforce any new laws?Some of you liberals would cry "But they worked and paid into social security". Sure, they ILLEGALLY used the names and SS numbers of Americans. Have you ever had your ID stolen?? I have. An illegal used my name and SS # to "do the jobs Americans won't do", and claimed 15 dependents. Only when the IRS sent me a bill for over $5000.00 in unpaid taxes and addtional penalties for not filing a tax return did I discover my identity was stolen. I took me months to correct this with the IRS and to this day, I still have difficulty recieving my legal tax refund. Also directly responsible was the employer who knowingly hired this ILLEGAL. He should have been fined and had his license revoked. This is just one of millions of examples of how ILLEGAL immigration is directly involved with other ILLEGAL activities. Let's review just a few more incidents for those who still believe ILLEGAL immigration is a "victimless crime".
In the last several weeks, 5 American have been killed by ILLEGALS here in Phoenix. The first incident involved a family of four (father, mother and two young kids) stopped at a red light in their mini van. An ILLEGAL driving recklessly rear ended them causing the van to burst into flames. All four occupants were trapped inside and burned to death. The second situation was another ILLEGAL who was stopped by a deputy sheriff for a traffic offense. The ILLEGAL rammed the deputy's patrol car repeatedly and pushed it into on comming traffic. An innocent civilian driving by in a third vehicle, collided with the patrol car. The driver of the third vehicle, a woman, died from injuries sustained from the collision. In both these incidents ILLEGALS without insurance who were only here in the US to "better themselves" killed US citizens by their ILLEGAL actions. It boils down to this fact, if these two ILLEGALS weren't here in our country these 5 Americans would still be alive today. So to those of you who hold the view that these "migrants" are only here to "do the jobs Americans won't do", you explain the the family members of these 5 victims that ILLEGAL immigration is a "victimless crime." Enough is enough, let's secure our borders and actively enforce current laws against these law breakers. Write, call and email your Senators, Congressmen, Govenor, etc and tell them to listen to us, the American people who have spoken.

Those of you who supported the bill, you were conned. It was not an immigration bill, it was a make illegals legal bill, with a few sops here and there to try and make Americans think something was being done about our present diaster.

The "big" increase to border security was cutting back the fence to 350 miles from 700, and chopping the money in half.

The tough provisions on illegals so it wasn't amnesty - 24 hour background check that would be impossible to do in that time frame, (welcome child molsters and rapists), gangs could sign a paper saying they were not gang member anymore.. boo hoo hoo...

Then a mere 5,000 fine for family of how many?... a trip home.. and ten years from now they would have to register (not take, just register) for an English class. What a total farce. 100% Amnesty. Don't forget all past taxes forgiven.

And the so called trigger, ie the border had to be secure. Too bad. what they really meant was in 24 hours the illegals have legal status notwithstanding the border.

And the projected great improvement to invasion the border? only 13%

Total estimated cost in 10 years if it had gone through in new unfunded entitlements for the illegals? 2.2 trillion dollars. Ready for your taxes to double? And that is just on the federal level.

And why did the Senate not have the normal hearings? Why was La Raza, the modern day KKK, give VETO power over the bill?

It seems there is a project in the works, ie bush gov is working on it, to combine Canada, USA and Mexico into one large union, like in Europe. This does explain Bush opening the borders and his refusal to enforce immigration laws. It also explains why Congress last year passed the bill to build the fence, then did not fund it properly or really start building it.

And to those who think anti illegal immigration opinion is racist, just have no other arguments to make. The rule of law. period. Legal immigrants = great. Illegal immigration should be deported. They have broken the law. If you say illegal immigraton is just fine, how about if all 300 million Americans contacted their family and friends overseas and said come on in!

Also note. Illegal immigrants to get jobs are stealing SSN, ie idenity theft. Guess what if it is yours? It can affect your credit, whether you can buy a house and even lower your right to government benefits. AND INDIVIDUALS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO FIND OUT IF SOMEONE IS USING THEIR NUMBER ! Employers can find out. Credit bureaus can find out. But not the owner of the card.

Why? Just a guess. If we could check our card peridically, we would know someone was using them and could report the illegal immigrant, identity thuef, and insist on prosecution and deportation. Our federal gov does not want that.

Next move? Well, it seems Feinstein and Lofgren are pushing the Dream Act. It would take college financial aid money from American students and give it to illegal college students here. Go figure. Then it would let the illegal college students jump in front of legal immigrants for citizenship. Why all these wonderful benefits???? You break the immigration law, engage in identity theft, a felony, mess up an American's life, and you get rewarded....For the life of me, I cannot see why anyone in their right mind would think is anywhere near legal, or fair or even rational.

How come President Eisnhower could deport 3 million illegals to Mexico at once, and our government cannot even pass a law for a national id?

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