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Thanks for trying to save us several million dollars Jeff. Too bad you're pushing that amnesty c**p that will cost us BILLIONS!

By all means, don't keep up the good work!

Flake has been in Congress for 6 years and he's only just now figuring out that franking is a problem? That's convenient.

Jeff has been the biggest supporter of limited and efficient government in the US Congress. For years he had been criticized by the establishment for what was at the time a largely unpopular fight against pork and earmarks he is now the posterboy of stopping government waste and corruption.

That he disagrees with you on Immigration reform may dissuade your support but try to show some respect for a man who has held fast to his principles and fought for a better US government. If litmus test supporters have there way with people like Senator Kyl and Jeff Flake, the union is doomed. The party of Lincoln will be relegated to a small group of zealots incapable of getting any of their policies enacted.

Talk to Congressman Flake's office. I don't agree 100% with Flake's position but as he is coming from a sincere and knowledgeable background I respect him for it and wouldn't trust any other EV potential candidate to represent and lead better in the US House.

I agree with MikeJ. There are a lot of things I don't agree with Flake on, mainly social issues, but I'm completely on board with him regarding earmarks and other wasteful spending.

Flake, long a critic of wasteful government spending, spent far less - $1,406 - on mass mailings in 2005 than most of his Arizona colleagues, who spent tens of thousands of dollars or more on franked mail. Two Arizona congressmen, Republican John Shadegg and Democrat Raul Grijalva, did not send any franked mail in 2005. (my bold)

Kudos to Flake for getting the ball rolling on this (as well as being a porkbuster in general). Kudos also to Shadegg and Grijalva for spending squat on franked mail, at least in 2005.

Kudos to Greg for "outing" Mitchell for his unrelenting thirst for spending taxpayer's money. It is proof that his no vote on the budget was nothing but political posturing.

"(my bold)"

Or not my bold. Geez, Greg, how 'bout some basic HTML capabilities here? Bold and italic is all I ask for.

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