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According to the article, among the three reasons for leaving the coastal megacitiies, WSJ included this one: "a distaste in some cases for the burgeoning immigrant populations".

In the old days this was called 'white flight'.

People will tell you they came for economic reasons but they leave for social reasons.

I'll agree with Ron on that one. I packed the family up and left the valley of the sun last summer. Not because "Phoenix sucks" but because of the huge influx in illegal immigration and the lack of desire to do anything about it on the 9th floor. I keep tabs on the valley in hopes that one day it might change but I don't see it happening.

Interesting, logical1. I moved here from the midwest seeking diversity. I know it's weird since the growth of our nation and its cities have been built on its residents fleeing different kinds of people, the brits fleeing the italians who fled the irish who fled blacks, etc. etc. Some of us do value different kinds of people and the vibrancy that many cultures bring to a city. I love Phoenix for that reason. And logical1, I guess I would say to you, love it or leave it and since you didn't love it, thanks for leaving.

I would also point out that the Wall Street Journal article makes only passing reference to the "(until recently) rising property values" of these coastal megalopolises. I know a great percentage of those fleeing to the Inland Empire in the LA area do so because that is the only place where they can afford to buy a home. As those property rates went up, people moved further and further inland, as these coastal cities were already fully developed (at least more so than the desert/flyover country).

Just a thought...


For what it is worth... I left and headed to a much more diverse culture. Atlanta. The diversity of Atlanta has deep roots, it mixes and plays well with others. Arizona's diversity is relatively young, illegal, greedy and (believe it or not) lazy. You will find a large handful of illegal immigrants here, but instead of saying "gimmie, gimmie, gimmie" they say "Thank-you." They TRY, for the most part, to speak English. They also clean up after themselves when they are done standing on the side of the road trying to make a buck.

Don't get me wrong, I'm still for a tough and enforced immigration policy. I also feel that Arizona will pay the long term price for standing by and letting the illegal immigration problem get out of control.


I love Atlanta, well I love Fulton County. I wonder did you move to Atlanta proper or the Northern Suburbs that are trying to secede? For a city that "plays well with others," it seems odd that the Northern white suburbs are trying to get rid of any association with the "diverse culture" of the real Atlanta. Are you a secessionist?



Interesting site. Seems to be a lot of race-baitig, or utter frustration. I'll have to dig into the site and decide for myself.

Not to hijack the blog on Greg's site but... We are in the Northern Suburbs. Forsyth County to be exact. Yes they have a past as not playing well but the population explosion in the county over the last few years has done a lot to bring that to an end. We had planned on Cobb county but the job brought us here.

My personal opinion is that the "new county" they want for North Fulton is fueled by having 3 new cities in the county and a county that is too large to managed. They need to break it up somehow. I don't care where or how but Fulton County and the City of Atlanta are too big to be managed without further coruption... It needs to be divided.

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