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Greg, with all due respect, Fife's first words out of his mouth in response to your question of "why are you running" were "I'm upset that we lost a legislative seat." He goes on to lament Don Hasslebrock as the dead body in the room, insinuating that Rob Haney's attention to his "own agenda" is depressing the vote. It is ridiculous to say that this statement is not inconsistent with the fact that he declared his candidacy prior to the loss. He's running for one reason and one reason only: to try to get rid of someone who embarrassed McCain. Though he tries to cover it up with a more "noble" reason, the truth is plain as day. He calls himself a "grassroots guy" but the fact is he has not been involved in grassroots efforts for quite some time - if ever. No former governor suddenly decides to be a district chair because he is interested in grassroots efforts. State chairman, maybe, but district chair is like a President of the U.S running for the state legislature. There is a different motivation behind that type of run.

Rob Haney has proven time and time again to be an extremely effective grassroots builder. In fact, there is little dispute that Haney's district has some of the most proactive PCs. Allen himself has stated that he simply did not campaign. Plus, many districts have found themselves with Democrats "for the first time in 30 years." A quick glance outside Maricopa can show this: Yuma was swept by democrats, something unheard of, especially considering the party's focus on electing Russ Jones.

Haney's only "agenda" is to promote the conservative platform within the party and within the state, something Fife Symington should support. Perhaps District 11 PCs with a decision to make should remember Symington's struggles with the conservative stance: As Governor, he proved to be a difficult obstacle in pro-life issues. Even parental consent proved to be an issue he took pause with.

Furthermore, Haney was not alone in censuring McCain. The censure was repeated on the state level and in Mojave county. A recent post on your own blog pointed to the public vitriol towards McCain at the Arizona Federation of Taxpayer's annual awards.

And Greg, I'm sorry, but "I read Espresso Pundit for my local news?" I read your site, too, but I believe even you would admit that you don't post local news. Even your political commentary doesn't approach being comprehensive (where's the mention of the recent indictment of Sandra Dowling?). Anyone can recognize that Symington was blatantly pandering to your ego.

What "confidential" information do PC's get? I have been a Republican PC for over 30-years and the typical information received is a walking-list of high-efficacy voters in an election we're expected to win and a list of infrequent voters in a tight race.

If the Democrats haven't figured that out, they're even dumber than I thought.

As a District 11 PC, I'd be interested in removing Hanley if (a) an equally good or better organizer was offered who was (b) fiscally conservative while socially neutral and (c) honest and upright. Fife fails (a) and (c). Why did the Pro-McCain camp pick him? (I am neither strongly pro or anti McCain). Further, I've been going to D11 meetings and haven't heard of the slate of candidates they are pushing. I'll stick with an effective team (who I occasionally disagree with) rather than an empty suit who won't bother to do the day-to-day management required.

As Adam Driggs Campaign Chairperson,

I reject the notion that a "single shot" voting campaign effort was part of our plan or strategy. It certainly, WAS NOT.

The Driggs campaing won because we- out worked the others including the two party insiders: John Allan in the primary, as well as Don Hesslebrock in the general.

We understood from the beginning: Driggs would not be supported by the leadership of District 11. Thus we ran a true grassroots campaign where supporters took yard signs and knocked on their neighbors doors and asked for support.

So put the single shot theory away- and face some cold hard facts:

1- Driggs didnt seek endorsements of people from the likes of Russell Pierce, who took horrible press during the general. Pierce was all over Hesselbrocks mailers.

2-Driggs had others, who live within the boundries of district 11, and are respected by both Republicans as well as Democrats, endorse his campaign as well as efforts.

3- And most important WE OUT WORKED the rest of the field which includes the leadership of D11.

There are other (too many to list) mistakes we know that were made by Allen and Hasslebrock, as well as the leadership of D11. To blame Driggs outright victory- on a single shot campaing smacks of finger pointing and the inability to stand up and say: "our guy lost because we didnt provide the leadership necessary to help him win."

And in the end- "the score board never lies"

Everyone keeps making this a McCain vs. Haney story when the real story is there is a man that if you don't agree with his Haneyism decides you must not be a Republican.
As far as him working to get Republican's elected...where was he during the 72 hour program. I can tell you where he wasn't sitting next to me making calls into D11.

This is about rebuilding the Party not continuing to let one man decide who is ordained to be apart of it. I have been helping get Republicans elected for 10 years. Just because I think Haney has gone too far doesn't mean I am not a Republican!!!

Honest Abe Says:
Conventional wisdom would have you believe that Haney had the support of the majority of LD11 elected precinct committeemen to achieve his re-election bid. Certainly the votes reflect that theory, but then again, maybe not .Through exhaustive research I have uncovered the genuine, intellectual prowess of the newly crowned “King”. Perhaps, the most befitting title would be of course, ” King Haney”, since he presides over a kingdom of Haneyites. King Haney, by his own admission, has single handedly recruited more than 400 Precint Committeemen in LD11. This would be considered a remarkable achievement in its own right, yet for King Haney, pursued for a dubious outcome.

You see, King Haney denuded the vulnerabilities of LD11’s ByLaws, which permits for the chairman to carry the Proxy vote of each and every precinct committeemen he recruited. Thus, allowing the King to converge upon his personally selected Kingdom of followers, obtaining their proxy vote, to be cast in any way he personally deemed necessary to
acheive a predictable outcome. King Haney essentially crowned himself in this election by voting a number of proxy votes that outnumbered his rival by more than three to one.

The victory was a forgone conclusion evidenced by the speech Haney recited prior to the ballots even being cast Tuesday night.

In the Kingdom of Haney we see mostly court Jesters, and the King has no clothes.

Honest Abe

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