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Fife Symington is vintage country club republican. Senator McCain has called in a political favor, proving his vindictiveness will lead him to waste time on garbage like removing a local district chairman over a slight. If Sen. McCain is elected president, he'd be the kind of guy who would send in the IRS to investigate enemies, abusing his power to appease his flagrant temper.

This is a pathetic display. The Republican establishment is actually sending in a former governor(!) to run for a district level office. But this is no average former governor. This is a governor who was convicted of fraud and removed from office. Now, he wants to lead a district, all because one district chair and the many supportive and like-minded PCs voted to censure their district resident John McCain for not following the party's platform!

What is everyone going to do when Fife Symington loses? Has anyone ever considered the impact of that embarassment? Although, the only people who would be embarassed are McCain and Symington. The rest will be hailed as prudent for rejecting a disgraced politician.

Wow, I am glad to see that we Democrats are not the only ones who fight and pander. As an outsider in this fight, I find the former Governors comments disingenuous. Mr. Governor if you want to heal the Republican Party why not run for the Chair of the AZ GOP? If you want to place blame on the leadership, blame Rove, Bush and Rummy, they lost the Roman Catholic vote and the independents. I do not believe that you want to do anything, except silence a McCain critic who could embarrass the Senator in his quest for the White House in 08. When I made my first comments regarding the Socialist Kyrsten Sinema, Esnuck and Ann were very firm in their assertions that the Democratic Party and members of the party were Pinko commies (my words) apologists, they had valid points, some in the Democratic Party will apologize for any elected Democrat. Well my fellow Americans, this seems very obvious to this Blue Dog Democrat, The GOP is trying to shut down a District Chair who dares to point out the obvious. Sen. McCain IS RUNNING for the WHITE HOUSE and he will do what ever it takes to win. Many in my party are fans of the Senator, why is that? Why will he go to Bob Jones University? The Senator is not a Social Conservative, is why he is popular with the independents. He will never be able to woo the super right of your party, just as Socialist Green, Kyrsten Sinema will never woo the center of my Party. That is the dilemma; Mr. Governor just fess up and people will respect you for what you are doing. You are trying to take out a District Chair because he is going to hurt Senator McCain’s chances in his bid for the White House.

What do I know, I am a Blue Dog Democrat.

PS this Blog stuff can be addicting.

I think it is funny that people are laying blame for the defeat of Republicans at the feet of a district chairman. I didn't know anyone cared so much about those offices. I think I have always just voted for the first few names on my ballot for Precinct Committeeman. If anyone is responsible for the Republican losses of the recent election, it is the state wide leadership. Fife, why don't you run for state chairman of the party? I would think that you could do much more good there than in one district. I think as a grassroots guy that would be the best way to motivate the troops. It's silly to lead just one district. It makes your reasons for running sound disingenuous.

I guess great minds think alike, right Blue Dog Dem?

Yep, Dem or GOP this stuff stinks. We deserve better from the folks who want to lead. AZ BD Dem


True words, my friend. Except for the Pinko commie part..I would never post that phrase. I have heard rumors of Fife for the State Party job and am absolutely opposed to his participation at that level. Give him some time to prove his merits, again... a period of public service recovery, so to speak, and then let's see. I odn't care what you think about the validity or lack thereof as it pertains to his conviction, it is the label he will always wear until HE relaces with something else. Sen. McCain may be the senior member of this state's GOP, but MANY Arizona Republicans have had enough. They may re-elect him to the Senate but there is no guarantee they will elect him to the White House. I've seen his Senate approval ratings and they are very good, but ask them another question and I don't think the answer will be what he wants to hear.

Any attempts to control the primary by controling the party will be seen for what it is and the revolt will begin. As for the state party chair; do not give us someone with baggage, a history of divisive techniques, or a monovision approach. We saw what that did for Len Munsil and the results speak for themselves.

"...or a monovision approach."

Ann you are absolutely right on this point. The election of a state party chairman has to include the thought that the future of the Republican party depends on two things: rallying behind ideas rather than personal agendas and expanding the base to include overlooked segments of the electorate such as conservative Hispanic families. Monovision will not work.

What I don't understand is: the letter from all those legislators calls Haney's district the strongest grass roots district of our time. That is high praise for a district whose leader they say dropped the ball. Who do they think made it the strongest of our time?

i think it is completely ridiculous to say that the only reason people want to get rid of Haney is because of his political disliking of Senator McCain.
I have thought the Haney's were out of control long before Senator McCain ran for President...Its a shame i am no longer in LD11 to vote against him.

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