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You wrote that Haney “was trying to embarrass John McCain.” I think it is more correct to say that McCain has embarrassed himself and Haney was just calling him on it.

McCain has, how does the saying go, flip-flopped on several issues and has sold out the GOP base on a few others. Please don’t try to pin that self-inflicted error on Haney.

Bear in mind that the "vote" to censure McCain wasn't put on the regular pre-meeting agenda and wasn't even brought until very late in the the meeting after many of the PC's had left. To this day, there are still questions as to whether a legal quorum was actually in attendance at the time the vote was taken.

Rob Haney and his cohorts may not care for McCain, but as Republican PC's, it is their responsibility to support elected Republican officials and they should be held to account just as they are threatening to retaliate against those Republican PC's who supported Gov. Napolitano.

Why does Symington not remember saving Clinton's life? That was the reason that Clinton claims he pardoned Fife.

Why didn't the Republican-dominated Senate convict Clinton? Was there a deal between the RNC, McCain, and Clinton?

Could McCain be calling in a marker in ousting Haney?

My gosh, you are right. Fife saved Clinton knowing that it would enable him to one day run for District 11 Chairman. It all makes perfect sense now.

There is no requirement in State, County, or District meetings to place a resolution on a pre-meeting Agenda. The fact is that resolutions are regularly introduce without prior notice. There absolutely was a quorum, but no one even asked about one until the following month's meeting. It is not the responsibility of PCs to blindly follow an arrogant politician who disses the Platform and the Constitution.

Greg, time for some "straight talk express". That was a pathetic interview you posted with Fife. When Fife stated that he was running because we lost a legislative seat, did it ever dawn on you that Fife
entered his name for Chairman on October 26. Hesselbrock didn't lose until Nov 7. Fife attending meetings? Not in Dist 11, nor in Dist 8. Nor have Fife's top two running mates attended any meetings. The 9 Republican PCs for Janet elected in Dist 11 are all directly linked
to McCain. Embarrass McCain? Hardly. Just trying to give voice to the grass root Republicans who are outraged over McCain's representation. I could go on indefinitely, but I know where you stand ever since you squelched the story on the scandle ridden Dist 20 election. Thomas, Schweikert, et al.
burried that one deep. This election is all about shutting down all opposition to McCain's presidential run. You know it,I know it,and so does everyone else. Say here's one Greg, why don't you look into who authorized the $10,000 donation from the Arizona Republican Party to the Groscost family. Doesn't pass the smell test with me, but looking into that one may offend some of your close associates, so better not.

The follow-up line to "It's all fun-and-games until someone loses an eye ... " is "... then you can only play one more time."

Nice post Rob, a lot of stuff covered there, I hope Greg either posts a comprehensive reply or perhaps even posts a new thread on those topics.

From the interview:
"Representative John Allen was defeated by two Republicans in the Primary and one of those Republicans was defeated by a Democrat in the General Election. For the first time in at least 30 years, District 11 is represented by a Democrat in the House."

This is an extremely broad accusation that Haney is causing the GOP to lose seats. More details would be needed to give that above paragraph any real value.

It seems to me that Haney is not going along with the status quo of simply supporting the party regardless of expressed ideology i.e. supporting McCain and his people regardless of their conservaive credentials.

And more to the point of Fife, this seems to be more of what the GOP is doing nationally; reverting back to the status quo. In Washington the GOP is electing the old school party men to lead the party back to, . . . back to, hmm, seems like they're the ones that got us into this present situation, why bring back tainted, old blood?

Note from Greg. The confusion about the "local news" is my fault. The local news comment referred to the "vast email network." I've pulled that referrence so it's more clear. I probably shouldn't have quotes around it because it's not an exact quote.

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