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The guv's problem with the legislative process is that she surrounded herself with Democratic advisors.

As we know, with rare exceptions, Democrats have not had any significant bills pass through the Legislature for years, so the ninth floor had no clue how to get things done legislatively.

Her failure to be proactive about the budget may have won her a few 'battles', but the Democrats, and the state as a whole have ended up losing the war.

A prediction, if Janet does in fact leave to take a spot in Obama's administration, Arizona will never see her again. (thank goodness).

Aspiring Journalists of America: Drop a journalism class and pick up a novel by Dickens. You'll learn more by reading any one of his novels than you will in some journalism class. And, reading him will make you a better writer. People will want to read your stories--they'll SEEK YOU OUT no matter WHO YOU'RE WRITING FOR--if your stories reflect a command of the vocabulary and an ability to write with clarity. You'll be one of those few good journalists whose byline is a brand all its own.

PS: I think you meant "legislators," not "legislatures."

PPS: A governor can't really be a "conclusion," but an appointment could be one.

PPPS: It's "foregone" with an "e".

I don't see any reason why an Arizona Governor should be required to comment on bills (unless you want people to know what your position is). Those legislators who already agree with you philosophically are probably going to consult with you privately. Those legislators who don't agree with you philosophically probably don't want to change their bills to reflect the Governors political opinion.

The lack of a string of vetoes is no sign of strength. If a Republican Governor (former NM governor Gary Johnson comes to mind) has a legislature that wants to spend beyond its means many vetoes simply would mean that some people think government programs can be paid for by other than taxes and that one person (the governor) knows otherwise.

Dewey Nitpicker!

If the Gov. would comment on bills, amendments could be made to get it passed.

In other words, bills could come through faster and more efficiently if she didn't expect mind reading.

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