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Even a year ago, if someone had asked I would have said, no way Janet goes to DC with Obama. She has to much at stake in AZ in the future.

Now, with the economy flagging it's better for her personally to bail on AZ, for all the reasons you have noted above Greg - her policies have failed miserably in spite of her "iron fist" style of ruling from the 9th Floor.

Even though it's almost too good to be true to believe, as a Republican, that Janet is leaving for DC, once thing has been consistent throughout her political career: Janet puts herself and her ambitions first. A post in Obama's administration is what could catapult her to greater things, whether back here in Arizona or being appointed to the federal bench.

I hear Dennis Burke is opening up her DC transition office. To me, that sounds almost like a done deal. There's no way Janet lets this opportunity slip through her fingers.

I think you are way off on thinking Brewer would beat Goddard. I doubt an unelected GOP incumbent is going to do well this time around. With the cuts that she is likely to agree to and the predictable antics from some of the GOP leadership in the legislature which she will be tied to, she is most likely going to have real PR problems - and this assumes she even is seen as being competent. The one wildcard is whether the feds are going to bail out the states or not. If they do, maybe she stands a chance.

Like you Greg...I'll believe it when I see it.

Count me as a disgruntled Democrat (now Independent) who was clued into Napolitano's self-serving nature from almost the start. She has always looked after herself first and foremost -- and to hell with her staff, education and anyone else she claims to stand up for. This is a person who will leave very little to show for the issues she supposedly cared so much about. Arizona was 49th in per pupil funding when she came in. In spite of record surpluses -- think 2005, 2006 -- we are now at 50th in the country. She has demogogued on classroom spending -- taken school districts to task for spending less than the national average -- when she knows that this is a function of low overall funding and higher-than average fixed costs. (Arizona spends 9.5% on district administration; the U.S. average is 11%). She has claimed that giving away trust lands is good for education -- when teachers are paid in part by the proceeds of the sale and lease of those lands. She sold out on school vouchers and tax credits, throwing her long-time supporters under the proverbial bus. This is no great friend of education; to see her labeled as the "Education Governor" makes me want to vomit. Jane Hull did 50 times more for education than Janet ever did -- and with a more hostile legislature and less political capital.

Good riddance Janet. Don't let the door hit you on the ass on your way out. Maybe I can go back to being a Democrat again...oops, forgot I was in Arizona for a minute and that they all are still losers. My bad.

What were the legacies of the governorships of Mecham, Symington,and Jane Dee Hull? Stupid racist remarks, impeachment, criminal convictions, incompetence, theft,and the "alternative fuel," spread the wealth to Jeff Groscost's friends version of Republican Socialism?
I suppose if the situation were reversed, the Republican party would not be upset in the least, would they? Let's say Mecham has been re-elected to his second term after sweeping every county in the state. He abandons his post to become the Minister of Ethnic Cleansing in president-elect Tom Tancredo's cabinet. The Democrats control the legislature, and Secretary of State Kristen Synema is poised to take control of the governor's office. No complaints from the Republicans on that one?
It's just the usual tirade of ad nauseum Janet bashing coupled with yet another wild election prediction. At least this time the bashing didn't stoop to the level of personal insults. "Even her harshest critics don't point out her harsh hair style, deep voice and awkward mannerisms.Perhaps worse, the President Elect's advisers seem to have noticed that Napolitano's political style has more in common with Tony Soprano than with Barack Obama." Her harshest critics don't point that out, just Mr. Patterson.
You've got to love the accuracy of his predictions here:
"The Yellow Sheets reported last week that they had a "An unimpeachable Dem source with top-level contacts in Obama's Chicago" who said that Napolitano is not being considered for AG and that she is only second or third in line for Homeland Security. Here's what the source said."The people that are vetting her say she's too rough and not a team player."
I love unimpeachable sources.
Goddard will lose by double digits to Brewer. Just like Obama is unelectable no matter how many times he disowns his white grandmother. Just like David Schweikert, Tim Bee, and Sydney Hay were all going to win. Patterson predictions are starting to remind me of the Sports Illustrated cover curse.
I've been searching all over conservative blogs the past few weeks. I'm just trying to find someone, somewhere, willing to start asking the hard questions and facing the tough challenges. The Republican party is locked into something between a tailspin and a death spiral. It two years, it's lost the White House by a 365-173 landslide, lost 50 seats in the House and 13 to 15 in the Senate. I was just thinking that maybe somewhere out there some conservative would be wondering WHY and wondering what they might do about it.
It doesn't seem to be happening. Mr. Patterson is still partying like it's 1994. Symington over Basha. Like it's still relevant today. Nothing's changed.
Just looks like denial, denial, and more denial to me. Forget about the anger, bargaining, grief and acceptance stuff. Denial wins.


I've got to hand it to you, I can spot one of your posts before I've gotten through two lines, without ever reading the signature.

Two points for consistency.

Let's see what you have to say in two years, shall we?

What shall the Obamatrons do when the Savior fails to deliver on all his promises, and the economy tanks anyway?

We wonder, oh yes we do ...

To which "failed programs" are you referring?

Dave, you just answer my questions so well. The Republican response to its devastating losses in the last two years: name calling. Obamatrons. Nasty, brutish, and short. (Am I wrong to assume this was a personal insult aimed at Janet?)
Wild predictions. Obama is unelectable no matter how many times he disowns his white grandmother. An unimpeachable source who's certain Janet won't be appointed. Brewer over Goddard. Mission accomplished. The insurgency is in its last throes. The unelectable President Obama will fail utterly and miserably.
Denial, Dave, pure denial. And the economy tanks anyway? It's not already? Oh, that's right, it's fundamentally sound.

Gee CIC, you seem to be jumbling a whole lot of us together. Meds running low?

While I'd love to answer all of your questions, I have a sneaking suspicion that isn't possible, nor is it what you truly desire. So, once again, I won't bother.

As noted, several times now, I'll simply wait, and we shall see.

In the meantime, you can work on your reading comprehension.

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