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But at least they won their lawsuit last week! They got some judge to strike the language about it being a 17.8% tax increase. A lot of good that will do them now.

I have an idea. Since we won't get to vote no on this initiative, maybe those of us in Maricopa County can vote no on Judge Edward Burke instead, assuming he is on the ballot.

This is the best news I've heard in a long time - pun intended.

The arrogance of these guys was beyond bizarre. They will have to re-examine how they work in the future. Maybe they will include the Legislature and some conservatives and some down-to-earth citizens. Maybe. But, not likely

Thanks for keeping us updated.

This news brings a bright spot to the day. Most of my local elected officials are still salivating after a visit from Richard Travis of ADOT brought news of $$$$ and possibilities.

Don't count the Governor out yet. Remember she makes up rules as she goes along. Since the Legislature lacks intestinal fortitute, they let her get away with it.

Actual quote from a petition-gatherer who approached me:

"I don't care if you already signed it, sign mine. I need the money. Nobody's going to check."

I wonder how many people fell for that.

I had the same experience as JaneAZ with a number of petition gatherers for various initiatives. I wonder if this year the invalidity rate will be higher for all initiatives?

How does this sort of thing happen? I thought these people were professionals. This is like a pro QB forgetting the play and throwing a pick as a result.

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