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On behalf of we cockroaches, I must take umbrage at being compared to Howie Fischer.

Esppresso Pundit is a joy to read. This is such an awesome turn of phrase:

"Ultimately, I knew that it would end this way. After the Apocalypse, when the seven seals have been broken and the last Mainstream Media trumpet has sounded, there will exist a vast desolate wasteland and the only surviving creatures will be cockroaches, Howie...and, of course, Cher."

At 4 p.m. yesterday the Tribune publisher Julie Moreno announced that yesterday's layoff total was actually 23.

This is also the third round of layoffs since February.

This is awful and tragic. I truly hope something changes soon to prevent any more people from losing their jobs.

My AZ Republic seems to get smaller every day.

Howie is more interesting than the repugnant!

I don't want to disappoint Greg, so I'll weigh in to say that, unfortunately, everything mentioned here is accurate as far as I know. There's no denying the bad financial picture for media companies (most of which include both print and television).
Greg is also right in that I'm not giving up. And I hope the other journalists at the Tribune (many of whom are certainly better than me) don't either.

If the cockroaches will be among the last survivors then the Trib. actually has a chance.

The Mesa office is completely infested with cockroaches! They are frequently found in the reporter's desks, in the bathrooms and the kitchen. It is so bad employees actually created and signed a petition to have the building sprayed. When Jim Ripley saw the petition he called a meeting with everyone who signed it and yelled at them for being ungrateful. Seriously!!

Now that the Trib. has laid off most of their maintenance crew, the cockroaches will likely overrun the place completely. They already outnumber the dwindling reporting staff!

I wouldn't want to be looking for a job in this economy....

I am not looking to pick a fight but Howie is a great political reporter, tolerates zero spin or BS, and still manages to sell stories to newspapers.

*agrees with Le Templar*
When I worked there, the roaches were EVERYWHERE. Not to mention the black beetle bugs that used to FALL FROM THE CEILING. That whole building is infested.

As a side note.. It was told to me that the layoff actually was 28 people. (which may have included other offices).. so that makes like what? 20 people left? (joking)

Jim Ripley always has been a spineless, insufferable bore, parroting whatever catch phrases and buzz words he thought would win the approval of his bosses.
His only discernible ability has been a penchant for survival. Somehow he has lasted as managing editor or executive editor with three different owners.
Why did he get so mad about the employee petition to rid the Tribune building of cockroaches? He was standing up for his compatriots.

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