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I think I'm going to apply to be certified as a fortune-teller.

A couple months ago, I predicted that one way out for newspapers (and Gannett specifically) was to combine operations regionally. It appears Gannett is doing that in Iowa -- the blog says the Iowa City paper will now be printed in Des Moines, allowing a bunch of layoffs in the Iowa City pressroom.

Iowa City is 114 miles from Des Moines. How far is Tucson from Phoenix?

I'll repeat/update my prediction: Gannett buys the Star, folds the Citizen (or renames it the Star-Citizen), and combines operations with Phoenix. First will be printing, but eventually much of the reporting will be combined as well.

If daily newspapers didn't still exist, I might have trouble convincing my kids that they ever existed in my lifetime. I'd probably describe it something like this: A pile of paper was delivered to your door every morning with lots of neat little tidbits of information--some of them true, some of them false, and all of them old by the time you read them. And all of it was spoon fed to us by these highly intelligent and compassionate gatekeepers of information called journalists. How quaint!

The print journalist is often compared to other relics of the past, such as the milkman, but to me it's even worse than that. Imagine if the milkman enjoyed hanging out in the dairy section of the grocery store just so he could taunt the customers, screaming insults and obscenities and telling them they aren't qualified to buy their own milk. Also imagine that the milk he was selling was laced with poison.

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