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Reminds me of some of the folks who would visit Congressional offices and sware there was a huge conspiracy against them, but their letters to the members always displayed the same level of craftsmanship.

Gotta love a guy who says please and wears a suit. Kinda makes me simpathetic to his military bashing message. Yep, he and Cindy Sheehan are starting to really get through to me.

Good lord... Sware? Simpathetic? Greg, can you show the rest of us how that spell checker works?

Spel Chek Pleez! ;-)

I used to work on Camelback and 24th, a usual spot for people to protest. Only protests now days are pretty pathetic. I'd watch them from the sixth floor, and most others wouldn't even take notice. People would walk by them to get to the CA pizza kitchen or wherever, and if they looked at them at all, it was as if to say "freak."

People like that probably do their cause more harm than good, unless it's well organized, and "over" publicized by the media. You know, kind of like the WNBA games, they only show you the first few rows of people so as not to show how few people are really there.

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